Following last night’s Annual Full Council Meeting – it can be reported that following the Town Council elections that was held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 – all elected members prior to the taking of their seats had signed their Acceptance of Office. The following Town Councillors are duly elected:

Arleston Ward – Cllr J Gorse, Cllr G Luter and Cllr A McClements
College Ward – Cllr U Ahmed, Cllr L Carter and Cllr J Latter
Dothill Ward – Cllr L Jinks, Cllr P Morris-Jones and Cllr K Tomlinson
Ercall Ward – Cllr S Hall, Cllr M Hosken and Cllr D Roberts
Haygate Ward – Cllr J Alvey, Cllr F Burns and Cllr G Cook
Park Ward – Cllr C Brittain, Cllr P Davis and Cllr J Pierce
Shawbirch Ward – Cllr S deLauney, Cllr P Fairclough and Cllr A Lowe

It can be further reported that for the Council Year 2019-2020 that Cllr A Lowe was formally elected as Town Mayor and that Cllr P Fairclough was formally elected as Deputy Town Mayor.