Free parking machines to go live in Wellington on June 19

Parking machines that will issue free tickets in four short stay car parks in Wellington will go live on Monday June 19.

The initiative to install the ten machines in the following car parks:  the Civic & Leisure Centre car park (currently known as Swimming Pool West), Nailors Row, Walker Street (currently known as Swimming Pool East) and Victoria Road North has come about as a result of a partnership between Wellington Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, local Traders and Telford & Wrekin Council.

The reason the machines are being installed is to try and stop short stay parking being abused by a number of motorists that leave their cars in spaces well over the 3 hour allocated time period. This means insufficient spaces are left for other local residents who just want to pop to the shops or perhaps visit Wellington Civic Centre.

Wellington Town Clerk Karen Roper, of Wellington Town Council, said: “The machines will help to ensure that our car parks are used in the most efficient way that will provide a welcome boost to the town centre’s economy because it will result in more customers being able to visit Wellington town centre.

“I want to re-emphasise there is no desire and absolutely no intention at all to start charging for parking in Wellington town centre despite the rumours following the installation of the ticket machines. The machines are purely there to help better manage our car parks and free up spaces for use.”