The Mayor of Wellington’s Charities 2018/2019


The Mayor of Wellington, Councillor Cindy Mason-Morris, will be holding a variety of fundraising events in support of her chosen Charities and would be delighted if you are able to support the events listed.




Maninplace is committed to working with the marginalised of our society who are deprived of their basic right to have a home. They work to break down the barriers that prevent non-statutory homeless people from accessing accommodation and assist them to access permanent accommodation, support services and employment.


Many of those who present as homeless may have alcohol, drugs or mental ill health issues and generally poor health that become exasperated by their homelessness.
 For some, the experience of homelessness is not a new one, many have been without accommodation for a number of years. They have felt marginalised and are not cared for on the whole by existing care and support services.


The experience of homelessness affects individuals in different ways; many survive by excessive alcohol consumption, others by criminal activities, drug addiction and most experience declining health.


Many are dependent on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) for their source of income often unable to work due to the impact their homelessness has on them. They have been used to surviving by living in cars, sheds, tents and hedge rows, many smoke, drink alcohol excessively and eat scraps, instant food that lacks proper protein and falls short of a balanced nutritious diet. Survival often being their paramount challenge each day, this obscures other important requirements made upon them. This has long term health implications.


Having established the need, Maninplace has placed itself in “the gap” to provide accessible temporary accommodation to assist people who are living chaotic life styles on the streets. Parallel to the accommodation, Maninplace offers its service users floating and accommodation based support through the “Thrive” partnership.


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Shropshire Cat Rescue PURR Project


Established in 1990, Shropshire Cat Rescue has grown and developed into a popular Charity which offers shelter, veterinary care, food and love to the many animals requiring help. Their mission is:

  • to provide shelter, veterinary aid and understanding to stray, abandoned and unwanted cats;
  • to find permanent caring homes for most but offering long term care to elderly and unhomeable cats;
  • to educate the public by way of workshops, information, work experience and visits to our wonderful space;
  • to promote the way that animals and nature can improve our lives.

The PURR Project is looking to fund a new 10-acre site which will create jobs and potentially boost the county’s economy with tourist facilities, including a cat café, children’s play area, shops, farm, animal walks, guided tours, landscaped gardens and seasonal programme of concerts, fetes and craft activities. The new Centre will also extend capacity for rescuing and rehoming the county’s cats.

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