‘New group formed to help lead Wellington fightback’

Wellington Town Council has brought together representatives from the local Chamber of Commerce, Business leaders and local Councils to discuss ways in which they can help co-ordinate efforts to rejuvenate Wellington High Street. The group met yesterday and agreed a number of actions including to work in partnership to support ongoing efforts to tackle empty retail space, improve the street scene and increase footfall.

The group initially is made up of representatives from Telford & Wrekin Council, Wellington Town Council, Wellington Chamber of Commerce and local Business Leaders. It is hoped that the new group will engage with residents and other organisations in the Town as they set about the task of rejuvenating the town.

Cllr. Stephen De Launey from Wellington Town Council who is chairing the new group said “We have been trying to address some of the challenges facing the town for a few years now and perhaps have not been highlighting these efforts enough; however, it is apparent that there are a number of organisations who are doing some really good work in Wellington and we want to try and bring them together and co-ordinate efforts to better effect.”

Cllr Phil Morris Jones from Wellington Town Council added “It is refreshing to see so much passion and commitment to make a difference in Wellington. There has been lot’s of good work and there are many positive potential developments in the pipeline but we must make sure that we don’t develop another talking shop. Action is what is required.”

Frank Lauriello from Wellington Chamber of Commerce said “This is a positive step and over the coming months we hope to get as many businesses, organisations and residents behind this renewed effort as possible.”

Cllr Lee Carter, Wellington Councillor and Telford & Wrekin Cabinet Member said “There are some opportunities coming up particularly with the announcement by the Borough Council of new investment to help tackle empty retail space, improve shop frontages, provide marketing support, provide wi-fi access and upgrade street lighting. I’m pleased that we’re coming together not only to highlight what has gone on so far but also to make sure we capitalise on any opportunities in a co-ordinated and effective way.”

The group have revealed they will be working with the Borough Council to undertake some survey work to understand the trends in the Town as an immediate first step.