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When retired Telford College lecturer, Stuart Taylor, passed away suddenly in 2018 his family set up ‘Gifted on Behalf of Stuart Taylor’. Amanda Jenkins, Stuart’s wife,  was encouraged by his love of poetry to explore the idea of setting up the position of a Wellington ‘Resident Poet’ and, given Wellington’s literary connections, this is a wonderful way of paying tribute to a man who inspired so many local people.

Introducing Wellington’s First Ever

Resident Poet 2021


“Wellington – Our Home Town”

To some you are
A begrudged ole town
But to us you are
Our beloved home town

It’s time to look up
Not time to look down
Time to hook up
Not time to drown
Ourselves in sorrow
Worried about tomorrow

Not time to fear
Lack of clarity
Or entrench our disparity
Let’s come together in solidarity
Committing to transparency
Embracing our diversity

Sure we’ve lost our former buzz
Our market’s no longer
The hub
That it was
But challenges come
To make us stronger
Not for us to spread
Via Zoom
Or to be a

We are the generation
Who choose collaboration
We know how to click and collect
We show how to forgive… even if we don’t forget
We boost our local immunity
Promote our local community

Create art
Play our part
Pick up litter
Publish on Twitter
Shop local
Stay vocal
On issues that matter
Yet stop to natter
With our neighbour
Next door
Stock the Food Banks
Pause to give thanks
Help a friend with shopping
Or dropping
Their kid off to school
While maintaining the two-metre rule

We’ve had to adapt
We’ve all had to change
We’ve stopped and clapped
In a time that’s so strange
Despite the instability
And the unpredictability
Should we take the time
To climb
The Wrekin
And take in
All the views
We’d hear it speaking
A message of good news

Or should we take a stroll
In the woods of the Ercall
We’d hear its whispering counsel

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