Wellington Festival

With Thanks To…..

The Wellington Festival Working Group, Cllr Anthony Lowe (Chair), Cllr Julie Pierce, Cllr John Alvey and Paola Armstrong would like to congratulate all the winners, thank everyone who participated in the competitions and Virtual Art Gallery and would also like to thank the following people for their involvement and hard work;

Ben Baily

Jeremy Baily

James Bayliss

Damian Breeze

Tim Carter

Julie Carter-Lowe

John and Joy Clayton

Neil Clarke

Sue Crampton

Cllr Paul Davis

Helen Donaghue

Ann Easthope

Gemma Everson

Cllr Patricia Fairclough

Rob Francis

Liz Garnett

Caroline Gwilliam

Steve Harrison

Amanda Jenkins

Kalidescope Ltd

Liam McGrath

Anthony Nicholls

Marc Petty

Diane Saxon

Denise Telford

The Telfordaires

With extra special thanks to Liam McClelland

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