As part of the Pride in our Community programme, Telford & Wrekin Council’s contractor, TWS Ltd will be removing chewing gum and power washing the paving in and around The Market Square, Duke Street, Crown Street, Bell Street, and New Street in Wellington. Work will commence in the Square at 06.30hrs 04th June and will last approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Hours of work will be 06.30 to 14.30 each day.

The work will consist of using a high pressure lance to remove the gum and a hooded attachment to clean larger surface areas, similar to those used on patio cleaners.

There will be no effect on businesses or access but due to the nature of power washing, some dirty water may splash up on to shop frontages. If this does occur, the contractors we will rinse off as appropriate.

The contractor will take some before and after photos so to ensure due care and attention is taken.

In order to assist in timing and to allow minimal disruption, the contractor will notify each shop/business, the day before they are due to cleanse, to ensure that everybody will be prepared on the day of operation. This will prevent any delays in working together on improving the town centre.

Telford & Wrekin Council and the contractors also ask that you do not have any displays outside you shop frontage on the day the cleaning is undertaken.During the operation, the machine will need to leave the site to refill with water so please don’t put any displays out until after 14:30.

The Town Council hope that everybody will view this as a positive opportunity for improving the town centre and will work with the Borough & Town Council to ensure everything goes smoothly.