The Orbit No Plastics

We use excess fruit and vegetable from the local community which are used to make soups and chutneys, and we endeavour to use local businesses around Wellington and Shropshire to source our produce whenever we can, including Wenlock Water and beer from the Salopian Brewery.

The urinals in the male toilets are waterless.  All lighting throughout the Orbit is LED and the majority of it is automatic to save electricity. All rubbish is recycled through Cartwrights, a local waste disposal service.

The vast majority of Orbit staff and volunteers live close to the building, so they walk or cycle to work.

Single use plastic is not used, our takeaway food boxes and cutlery are cardboard or wood which is fully recyclable and/or biodegradable, as are the takeaway coffee cups and lids. The plastic glasses that are used in the cinema are reusable and dishwasher friendly.”