This June, about 16 Wellington members of the Twinning Association travelled by coach to Châtenay and a few others made their own way by car.

We were wonderfully received by our host families in and around Châtenay.

The Wellington Brass Band and their families came over in their coach on the same weekend which coincided with the Fete de Musique, an annual musical festival played out across France.

The Brass Band played in Châtenay on the Friday evening and again in the Jardins de Luxembourg in central Paris on the Saturday morning. So many walkers and tourists stopped to watch and listen.

As Mayor of Wellington, I could not have been more proud.

We visited the Van Gogh immersive art exhibition in northern Paris on the Friday morning which was an extraordinary surround sight and sound experience, followed by a picnic in a Belleville Park

with views across the entire city.

On Saturday evening, we were royally hosted (if one can say that in a Republic!) with a 4-course meal and aperitifs and wines in a Primary School, catered by the local kitchen staff.

I think we were approximately 100 at dinner including our hosts, the Brass Band and their families and other civic employees and Councillors including the Chair of the Twinning Committee.

All in all, it was a heart-warming and thoroughly rewarding trip and I would urge Wellingtonians to get involved and join up.

Entry is a mere 10 pounds but will be going up to 15 pounds from January 2020, so NOW is the time to join !

Châtenay Malabry members of their Twinning Association will be coming over to Wellington from May 7th to 10th 2020 which will coincide with our 75th anniversary of VE Day celebrations.

Please make contact with Wellington Town Council for more information or to advise us if you are interested in joining and welcoming out French twin “brothers and sisters” from Châtenay.



Cllr Anthony Lowe

Mayor 2019-2020