The steady decline in Covid-19 cases resumes – but still a long way to go

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Telford and Wrekin has declined by 32%.

This decline compares with a drop of only 1% during the previous week.

The infection rate remains higher than the regional and national average, but the fall is similar to the regional and national decline.

Thank you Telford

Our figures are going down thanks to the sacrifices you are making to help control this virus.

The easing of lockdown restrictions gives us all hope after these challenging winter months. But we still have a long way to go.

Relaxing too early will cost lives, and new strains can develop, so we must all continue to play our part.

The vast majority of new infections remains in the working-age population.

To avoid the spread in the workplace:

  • Avoid car sharing.
  • Remember hands-face-space at work or on breaks.
  • Make sure workplaces are well ventilated.
  • If you are unable to work from home, you should get tested twice a week. Book a rapid test.
  • It is essential for people who test positive or are close contacts to self-isolate for the legally required 10 days.

As children return to the classroom, families can now need to have a rapid test twice every week.

It is encouraging to hear that our local cases are falling in line with the regional and national average.

However, Telford and Wrekin’s infection rate remains the second-highest in the West Midlands.

If we all pull together, we can drive down the levels of Covid-19 in the borough even more, to save lives.