These are unprecedented times and those Wellington Town Councillors who are physically able to are working to help the community during the Coronavirus crisis in different ways…

Cllr Karen Tomlinson and Cllr Anthony Lowe have been helping Shawbirch resident Debbie Farley set up a Covid-19 Mutual Aid group in Shawbirch, Bratton, Admaston, Wrockwardine and Dothill with photocopying provided by Wellington Town Council.

Karen and Anthony have helped  by joining the flyer distribution volunteers offering help to vulnerable and isolated people. The group now has over 500 members on Facebook.

In South Wellington the Friends of Bowring Park have set up a Covid-19 Facebook community help page initiated and administered by local resident Julia Fletcher. Again Wellington Town Council have helped with photocopying of A5 leaflets.

Mayor Anthony Lowe said, “I’ve volunteered for that group – distributing leaflets and shopping for Oakwood Care Home residents who have asked for support. These two groups are doing splendid work helping  in the areas that they have agreed to cover and their reach seems to be extending day by day, according to demand, covering shopping, dog walking, fetching prescriptions etc. I cannot praise the many volunteers who have stepped in highly enough.”

Cllr Angela McCements said, “I’m currently ringing a group of vulnerable residents in my ward of Arleston everyday, to chat, make sure they have everything they need and that they are supported. We also have an Arleston Community Facebook page which I update with local and national information and help.”

Cllr Lisa Jinks in Dothill has been helping out various residents who have found themselves in isolation with prescription and food collections or just a chat to break their boredom, “One elderly resident said all he wanted was a pie from a certain butchers in the market but didn’t want anyone to be ‘put out’ just for a bit of pie. I bought the pie and popped it by his front door. He telephoned me later to say it had made his day.”

In College ward Cllr Lee Carter is, together with Angela McClements, exploring setting up a ‘Fit & Fed’ Holiday Activity Programme for youngsters – working with local sports clubs and Community Centres.  Lee Carter went on to explain, “during the Coronavirus outbreak I have been working with the local community including dealing with a sensitive issue around burials, arranging for Veolia to collect waste from a more convenient location for residents and have been promoting the various helplines that Telford & Wrekin have made available to support the local Community. This has included providing signposting for local Businesses and vulnerable residents.”

The helpline number for Shawbirch, Bratton, Admaston, Wrockwardine and Dothill residents and volunteers is 01952 780466

And for those in South Wellington around the Bowring Park vicinity 074848 90022

The Love Wellington and Wellington Town Council Facebook pages are being constantly updated with helpful information from Telford & Wrekin Council which outlines how businesses and residents can access support.

And here’s a positive note to finish – from Cllr Lisa Jinks;

“Every day is one day further towards us returning to normal. The lesson I’ve learnt is never take life for granted. Smile, laugh and love because you just never know what’s around the corner.”