Wellington Town Council every year awards Minor Grants to local organisations and charities to assist them to achieve their aims and objectives and this year is no exception and the Town Council is looking to the receipt of Grant Applications that will be considered in early April 2022. The Town Council is keen to assist and support the valuable work these types of organisations undertake in the Parish as they play a vital role in the local community

Grant applications must be from a properly constituted group, club, committee or charity, which must show that the group has charitable/community aims and benefits the residents of Wellington. Groups are encouraged to apply now, and should not take the view that if they have applied before that they cannot submit a further application.

Forms are available now and should be submitted by the end of March 2022 prior to the applications being considered by the Town Councils’ Grants Panel in early April. Forms can be obtained directly from the Town Council offices during normal office hours, by phoning the office on 01952 567697 or by accessing the page HERE

Karen Roper, Town Clerk said, “the awarding of these grants is an important role of the Town Council in helping to assist as many local groups, organisations and charities as possible. We look forward to the receipt of applications as soon as possible.”