The second in a set of walk-through coronavirus testing facilities that will help testing to be more accessible opened/is set to open at Wrekin Road Car Park in Wellington on the 23 October.

Several new walk-through testing centres are set to be opened in the coming weeks that will help to make testing more accessible for those without a car.

Anyone with one of the three key coronavirus symptoms, however mild, can get a free swab test at the site that takes less than a minute.

Tests at the site should be booked or ordered as soon as symptoms begin at or by calling 119.

Andy Burford, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “Making testing accessible to all is important, not everyone has a car and we need to be testing everyone in Telford and Wrekin who has symptoms to prevent the spread of the virus.

“The Council has worked hard with Government to open these centres by providing them with a number of suitable sites to choose from.

“Each site was assessed for accessibility and security; also additional signage is being installed by the Council to prepare the site.”

Information about locations and dates of future walk-through centres will be released when details are finalised.