Census Day is Sunday 21 March 2021. It is vital that residents take part in order help the borough get the services needed now and in the future. The coronavirus pandemic means we need this up-to-date information to help shape vital services for the years to come more than ever.

If you haven’t already received them, census packs should be arriving through the post anytime now which contain all of the information you need to take part online. It’s simple, straightforward and takes just 10 minutes to complete.

If you need support….

Census support centres are also now open at the Park Lane Centre and the Hub on the Hill. For anyone who needs support completing the census or has a question you can get in touch by telephone.

Park Lane Centre on 01952 683 700
Hub on the Hill on 01952 898 052

Paper forms of the census are available for those people that are unable to complete the Census online.

For more information on the census visit www.census.gov.uk